Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why photography?
A: Sharing what we find beautiful and interesting with others is important for so many reasons. Photography may give a valuable boost to your (or your company's) reputation, up your sales or simply bring joy for generations to come.

Q: What is you background?
A: I've learned photography in number of ways including books, watching online tutorials and even working as a volonteer.

Q: What are you prices?
A: I follow the recommended prices by the Association of Swedish Professional Photographers, one of the leading organisations representing those in the professional photographic industry.

Q: Can you work for us for free if we offer you some great PR in return? 
A: PR and promotions will not help pay the bills, so the answer is no. Here is a great article by Photoprofessionals on the matter.

Q: Can you recommend a good starting point for me to learn photography?
A: I'd recommend you to have a look at Tony Northrup's YouTube channel. I also hear people quickly get up to speed by joining (and sometimes even starting) a club for photographers in their local community or school.

Last updated on: 6 Feb 2017.