What to think of when taking pictures at events! / by Adam Lithner

I wrapped up last week by shooting a travel expo at Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre. The client wanted my pictures to cover a variety of aspects for future PR and sales purposes. Subsequently I was taking pictures of everything from dance shows to tea brewing, old people, young people and everything in between. To me the most important aspect of this kind of work is to be polite and make sure that people are okay with being in your pictures. I try to always ask people either before or after I take the shot. I let the moment and what kind of picture I am after decide which goes first. Be sure to notice that if the pictures are to be used commercially by the client (or anyone else) a model release may be necessary. 

Another important aspect is to be right on time and deliver the material right on time or even, better yet, before deadline. And as always, remember to check your gear the day before. If you have any comments or suggestions to this post please let me know in the comments section below and don't forget to subscribe to future updates.

All photo's are available @ flickr