My Digital Autobiography / by Adam Lithner

Below is an excerpt from an assignment i did at University of Victoria called My Digital Autobiography. The course was called 'Media, Technology and Politics' and was taught by Dr. Arthur Kroker, a great source of inspiration.

"The Internet is allowing us to experiment and play with different identities; one person can have two fundamentally different roles on different websites. But what kind of person will you become on the web? In contrast to everyday life, one suddenly seems to benefit from being schizoid, or having multiple personalities. The previously solid individual that was cast in one piece is now fragmented into smaller shards. In such manners the web enables us to be another type of individual than the one based the identity of work and labour. We have moved from countryside to towns, and from towns to the web. In my home country, Sweden, the service sectors have long since replaced industrial work. I would go as far as saying that our metaphysics have come to change due to the Internet and so have our interests. Modern metaphysics will not be based on the individual, or religion, but the World Wide Web. This is where online-communities and social networks find its legitimacy. In such a society I have the possibility to connect and share, and I am also interested in doing so. For my generation, this have already become second nature. Like Sherry Turkle I maintain that “Technology is not just a tool, evocative objects, it makes us think about ourselves, others and the world we live in."