No Trout in Sooke / by Adam Lithner

I suspect this post might need some explaination.. hmm. Me and Mish from Australia (the good looking fella in the pictures) decided to do a day trip out of town to go visit this small little village called Sooke. The town itself is merely an intersection and four traffic lights and to get there we had to catch three different buses. The title  ´No Trout in Sooke´ refers to the story of me one time eating something called Sooke Trout in a very fine restaurant. Because we were not able to catch any trout (or any other fish for that matter) I was of course a bit disappointed. We had a great time however and hitchhiked with some amazing people to get around, we even had dinner with one of them! By the end of the day we caught the bus back home listening to music while we both fell asleep soon after in our seats.