YVR - ARN / by Adam Lithner

I Just got back home to Sweden after four amazing months in Canada. I am lucky to have studied at University of Victoria as a part of an exchange program. All in all I have had an incredible time meeting some fascinating people and seeing many interesting places during the past months.
Now I am happy to be back home without any problems or delays, especially considering the snow struck chaos which has been affecting several major airports in Europe. More so, I am looking forward to celebrating Christmas and seeing friends and family during the break! I am planning to spend time on some photography projects I have been thinking of.. as well as picking up the guitar again. This summer I bought a new one but have hardly used it because of the fact that I am constantly traveling... but certainly both these two interests can be combined in creating a slide show with acoustic guitar to go with the images I already have. Once its done it will be submitted here on this blog. Until then, I wish you a great holiday!