colour report / by Adam Lithner

..i often end up taking pictures without having any intention to do so. today i went for a bicycle ride in the forest but ended with the bike parked to a tree. since i had my camera in the big backpack that i always seem be carrying around everywhere i went for a walk instead.

i started to blog to be able to share a few things in my surroundings and travels that find extraordinary to me. the subject of my photography does not even have to be extraordinary, but simply interesting or beautiful. but there is not always an easy answer to why i take pictures of the things i do, and that is why i usually never write much about them. rather i let my images speak for them selves and let the people i care about have a small insight of what i come across in my life.

these images partly clarifies how i think in colours, lighting and composition. some motifs are isolated, others seem to be scattered all over the field. the same motif can also be same found in different places of nature. they are uploaded to the web, but not in a random order since they are chosen for something something special that they represent. you might notice that they start from the ground to the sky, simply showing something from every level of this particular forested area. not only are they arranged by this feature alone, but also by light and colours - from dark to bright.